Jacoby Band

Main Stage
Friday 3:45pm


From the ageless land of Jacoby Falls comes the expression of a lifetime of musical collaboration. In the heart of central Pennsylvania, heavy hitting bluegrass and Jacoby originals define this expression.
Chris Musto and brother-in-law Matt Amato began picking in another arrangement and found themselves searching for the perfect match to their musical aspirations. Fortunately, that match had been struck decades before.
Drake Musto began his lifetime of playing the mandolin before he could walk. He has added phenomenal rhythmic back beats and lead work to family jams and live shows that entire time, growing into the eight string power house that he is today.
Ben Amato also began his musical career in the same way. Joining the music, he learned to adapt and fill in the instrumental spaces as needed leading to his immersion into the banjo and the development of his unique style and highly intuitive ear.
Matt Amato continues steadfast in both his bass playing and his willingness to happily accommodate the musical experimentation of the band. He has provided the rhythm for his son Ben to grow under and they bring that connection to the experience.
Chris Musto provides the six string serenade which continues to evolve under the influence and assistance of his son Drake's musical accompaniment. The fusion of these two rhythm and lead sections provide the basis of the Jacoby sound.
Try Jacoby, treat yourself!